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Free Nights 36 is a 36 month fixed rate electricity plan from Chariot Energy with rates from 13.1 to 24.9 cents per kWh.

As far as free energy, or "Free Nights and Weekends" style of plans, this is a pretty good one. Like most similar plans, this is a good one for anyone who does or can schedule most of their energy usage in the late night hours. So people with electric vehicles, or appliances that can be connected to the internet and scheduled, like dishwashers, thermostats, etc. The rates aren't bad for folks living in a large home, either. The plan is also made from 100% green energy, so it's a good plan for the environmentally conscious. It's a 3 year plan, with cheaper rates than the 1 or 2 year plan, so it's good for large homeowners as well.

The Monthly Recurring Charge is 9.95, and the Early Termination Fee is 15x months remaining.

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Rates by City

Dallas Houston Abilene Corpus Midland
Rate @500kwh 15.3¢ 15.3¢ 16.6¢ 15.7¢ 16.9¢
Rate @1000kwh 13.9¢ 13.8¢ 15.1¢ 14.2¢ 15.1¢
Rate @2000kwh 13.2¢ 13.1¢ 14.4¢ 13.5¢ 14.3¢
Monthly Recurring Charge 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95
Early Termination Fee 15x months remaining 15x months remaining 15x months remaining 15x months remaining 15x months remaining
Electricity Facts Label EFL EFL EFL EFL EFL
Terms of Service TOS TOS TOS TOS TOS

Rates for the Free Nights 36 plan vary by region, due to different infrastructure configurations in various areas. Find your nearest major city, and click 'Check Availability' to verify your address can be served.

Texas law requires that Chariot Energy present three 'average' rates to the user, telling you the average cost per kWh at three usages: 500 kWh per month, 1000 kWh per month, and 2000 kWh per month.

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